Professional Experience

I have most recently appeared on Unsolved Mysteries, Season3, Episode 1. Mystery at Mile Marker 45

NJ State Police Uniform Trooper (1981-1989)
NJ State Police Intelligence Bureau Detective (1989-2001)
NJ State Police Casino Intelligence (NJ Gaming Enforcement) (1994-2007)
NJ State Police Intelligence Bureau Detective Sergeant (2001-2004)
NJ State Police Intelligence Bureau DSG First Class (2004-2007)
NJ State Licensed Private Investigator and co-owner of Atkinson
Investigations (Formerly A and K Investigations) (2007-Present)

• Throughout my 26 years of service in the NJSP, I investigated and supervised Racketeering (RICO) cases involving illegal gambling, illegal distribution of narcotics, illegal distribution of counterfeit goods, extortion, money laundering, aggravated assault, attempted murder, murder, corruption and a host of other criminal offenses.

• From 1989 to 2007, I was assigned to the Intelligence Bureau, where I planned, employed, and coordinated a variety of techniques to conduct and manage the mentioned investigations. The techniques utilized were physical surveillance, electronic surveillance, video analysis, undercover operations, case analysis, and case management. I have conducted over 5000 hours of video review and analysis during my career. That analysis encompassed the review of pole camera video, court-authorized surveillance video, security camera video, casino surveillance video, Motor Vehicle Recorder Video, news video, and other types of video provided during my police and private investigator career.

• From 1994 to 2007 I was assigned to the Casino Intelligence Unit, Division of Gaming Enforcement. I investigated a wide variety of crimes in the casino, as well as crimes committed by casino employees. My duties also included investigating Casino Control
Commission violations on casino employees, including many casino executives.

• I coordinated complex multi-jurisdictional cases with numerous local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies. Including NYPD, Broward County Sheriff’s Department, Las Vegas PD, Nevada Gaming Control Board, Los Angeles PD, Hamilton Ontario PD, Toronto Ontario PD, Orange County Ca. District Attorney’s Office, Queens District Attorney’s Office, Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, NY, PA, DE, VA, and GA State Police Agencies, Federal and State Probation Offices, ATF, FBI and DEA.

• I was an affiant and a supervisor of numerous search warrants and electronic surveillance investigations. I coordinated investigative activities with the NJ Attorney General’s Office and US Attorney’s Office Eastern District. I also assisted the NJ Attorney General’s Office with various phases of trial preparation for organized crime-related cases.

Atkinson Investigations primarily conducts investigations for law firms located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We have conducted numerous investigations revolving around misconduct of casino security departments and their personnel. These cases included improper use of force, Physical well as Dram Shop violations.