What We Do

We cover all matters of civil investigations including:

• Motor vehicle accidents

• Personal injury construction accidents

• Civil rights violations

• Premises Liability

Our services include:

• Providing support throughout the investigation

• Creating investigative plans

• Surveillance Investigations

•  Scene reviews

• Photographs

• Interviews

• Statements

• Document reviews

•  Video reviews

•  OPRA requests

• Deposition support

•Trial preparation

• Court testimony

We are familiar with:

• OSHA Standards and Regulations

• Industry standards relating to the construction business, hotel, liquor establishments, casino security, and closed-circuit monitoring systems

It is also important for us to maintain a working relationship with governmental officials and agencies and various corporate
security departments.

While conducting the Premises Liability cases, it was necessary to analyze all phases associated with Premises Liability, including Negligent Security, Negligent Hiring, Negligent Supervision, Negligent Entrustment, and Negligent Retention. All of which are relevant issues in contending that security measures implemented by the property or business owner were inadequate at the time of the incident.

Atkinson Investigations primarily conducts investigations for law firms located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We have conducted numerous investigations revolving around misconduct of casino security departments and their personnel. These cases included improper use of force, Physical well as Dram Shop violations.